Water heaters that dont require electricity

Water heaters that don't require electricity, gas or paraffin

Enjoy a hot shower or bath with our water heaters.

"The Rocket" hot water heater

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Manufactured in South Africa

The Rocket" designed and manufactured in South Africa, is a combustible fuel, dry wood hot water heater. With a small amount of dry wood pieces , you will have warm water in 15 minutes and scalding hot water in 20 – 25 minutes! (typical for the 50 Litre capacity unit )

"The Rocket" supplies hot water

Water heaters in shower

Shower connections

Enjoy a hot shower when connecting "The Rocket" to an existing shower setup. You can also create a new shower with hot water when installing "The Rocket"

Water heaters for bath

Geyser connections

Enjoy hot water throughout your household when connecting "The Rocket" to your existing geyser setup. No electricity required!

How it works...

The Rocket” can be installed as a “stand alone” unit, and/or “in series” with your existing hot water heater or geyser.

"Stand Alone Unit"

  • Install ‘The Rocket” as per our Installation Notes, connect your cold water supply to the bottom right connection and the hot water output to the top left connection.
  • Install the Safety Valve on the top plate connection.
  • The larger connection on the top plate, (when supplied), is for a Sacrificial Anode to be installed, if necessary.

"In Series Unit"

  • Install the rocket, on the Hot Water output side of the existing geyser - We provide easy to follow instructions.

"Lighting the Fire"

  • Place some small dry wood pieces, (kindling), such as you would use to start any fire, in the fire-box beneath the rocket.
  • Once you have good flame you can add larger pieces of wood, (small dry logs are best) that will catch quickly and give more flame. Flame is the key to the speed of heating the water in "The Rocket"!
  • Wait 15 – 25 minutes for hot water! (typical for the 50 Litre capacity unit).

Let "The Rocket" roar and reduce your Eskom bill

Hot water applications

Farm Staff Hot Water Heating, Game Lodges, Smallholdings, Residential and Holiday Homes, and Low Cost Housing (RDP) units etc.

Use wood to heat water!

With the smallest amount of dry wood pieces, you will have warm water in 15 minutes and scalding hot in 20 – 25 minutes!. (typical for the 50 Litre capacity unit)

Reduce your Eskom bill!

Our water heaters require absolutely no electrical connection. The resultant reduction in your Eskom electricity account will be amazing! 

Specification of our water heaters

"The Rocket" wood fire heater is manufactured from 3 - 5mm. pipe and plate sections (depending upon capacity) and as a result of this, together with its’ black paint finish, retains heat long after use.

Provision has been made for a Safety Valve, (which is supplied with the unit and must be fitted). Full installation instructions are supplied.

Our water heaters are Eco friendly, “The Rocket” has a smaller carbon foot print than a braai!

“We also manufacture in 304 Industrial Grade Stainless Steel, where corrosion and rust prevention may be required.Chimney Extensions and Conical Spark Arrestors are available as optional accessories.

“The Rocket” has a one year Warranty and is warranted to be free of defects from both materials used and manufacture. Based upon the wood chip boilers of Canada and North America “The Rocket” has been modified to suite our local conditions.

Shower and geyser connections

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Shower connections

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