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We manufacture and supply wood burning water heaters to the South African market. This is our story about how "The Rocket" water heater was developed...

“The Rocket” was born over five years ago, prior to the start of the Eskom price increases. An experience with a small (100 Litre) electric geyser resulted in the thought process towards another alternative way of making hot water. The electric geyser in question, had unknown to the owner developed a faulty thermostat, which meant that the electric heating element was permanently on and heating the water. Nobody worried about the steam and hot water that was literally pouring out of the Safety Valve!

Something had prompted the owner to read the electricity meter on the unit associated with the faulty geyser, again, in the middle of the month. He was horrified to see that in fifteen days the geyser had run up a bill of R 2 000.00. (2010/2011 electricity prices) The electric geyser was disconnected and the first “The Rocket" prototype was designed.

“The Rocket”, is now more than ever saving you money, by making hot water without the use of electricity, gas or paraffin.“The Rocket” designed and manufactured in South Africa, is a Combustible Fuel (typically dry wood), Heat Exchanger or Hot Water Heater.