Wood Heater Products

Wood Heater Products

“The Rocket”, wood heater is now more than ever saving you money, by making hot water without the use of electricity, gas or paraffin.“The Rocket” designed and manufactured in South Africa, is a Combustible Fuel (typically dry wood), Heat Exchanger or Hot Water Heater.

“The Rocket” can be installed as a “stand alone” unit and/or in line with your existing hot water heater.

“The Rocket” is now available in three different capacities and twelve variations

Water Heater 50 litre

“The Rocket 50 Mk2” (50 litre with in-built Fire Box)

Water Heater 125 litre

“The Rocket 125 Mk2" (125 litre with in-built Fire Box and Damper)

Wood Heater 250 litre

“The Rocket 250 Mk2" (250 litre with in-built Fire Box and Damper)

Each unit is pressure tested and carries a one year warranty.


A range of accessories is available from chimney extensions to spark arrestors.

Custom Build

We can also fabricate to meet your specific design requirements.

With the smallest amount of dry wood pieces you will have warm water in 15 minutes, scalding in 20 – 25! (standard 50 litre model)

Water connection can also be made from an existing piped supply, borehole or storage tank..

It can also be filled manually and the hot water drawn off by a tap fitted to the bottom of the unit. (Rural Areas typically)

New Developments

Sacrificial Anode.

We are not aware of the “Water Quality” in any given area, which can in some cases present a problem, with the resultant hot water taking on a “brown” colour. We have now decided to add a 25mm socket on the top plate of each unit for the purposes of fitting a Sacrificial Anode, when and if necessary. The Anode can be the solution to a “water colour problem” but no guarantee is offered or can be given.

If you are concerned about your water quality, the safest answer would be to order the unit in 304/316 Industrial Grade Stainless Steel.

Cooking with “The Rocket 125 & 250”.

With the advent of “The Rocket125” and “The Rocket250” there is now some space on the top plate to either boil a kettle and/or cook food , at the same time as heating water.

Applications would be but are not excluded to, Farm Staff Heating and Hot Water, Game Lodges, Smallholdings, Homes, Under Tile Hot Water Heating, Hunting Lodges, B & B Accommodation, Holiday Homes, Building Sites, Low Cost Housing units etc.